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photo of Veneé at 2001 Christmas CD Concert My Journey: I grew up doing a lot of singing in the church as my dad is a pastor, so most of my past experiences were there. Yes, I'm a P.K.! Praise the Lord for praying parents! As I look back over my life, I have to say that it was not always easy and I didn't always make the best decisions, but thanks be to God, He never gave up on me. God blessed my siblings and I to have parents that insisted that we go to church, no matter what. I didn't appreciate it then, but I sure do now. My parents made such awesome deposits into my life. I could never repay them. I'd have to write a book to tell you all the many wonderful times I had with my family growing up in the church, just know that I wouldn't change a thing! God truly blessed me with a beautiful family and all of us are busy working for the Kingdom!

I've not always been clear as to what the Lord wanted me to do, but I know I find much peace in simply being ready for whatever the call may be. He just wants us to be available. I know that the Lord has called me to be a witness to the lost and dying world. I promised Him that I'd go where ever He wanted me to. There's always a price to pay, but God be for me, who can be against me? No weapon formed against me shall prosper, and with that in mind, I'm encouraged to go all the way. Again, it's not always been easy, especially when I had to leave Georgia to relocate to the west coast, leaving all that I knew. What a great step of faith that was.

The move to Seattle was a real challenge; one that would impact and change my life forever. This was the beginning of my realizing, just knowing about the Lord Jesus Christ was not enough. I needed to establish a relationship with Him. Wow! I'm so grateful that He never gave up on me! I don't know where I'd be without Him. As I began this journey of getting to know the Lord in a more personal way, I was continually challenged to go deeper and deeper into the knowledge of Him. As time went on opportunities began to come my way. God has a way that is mighty sweet!

Another wonderful blessing in my life is my manager & husband, Steve Eskridge. He's a dedicated husband & a wonderful father to our two children (Brittany & Nicholas), and loves the Lord! Steve continues to work hard, making certain that I fulfill what God has called me to do. He's truly been a strong supporter for me and he's my biggest fan! I also thank God for our spiritual leaders, Pastors Wendell & Gini Smith of The City Church in Kirkland, Washington. They've touched our lives deeply with their love and support. They're such awesome examples of individuals totally dedicated & obedient to the will of God!

"They That Worship God Must Worship Him
In Spirit and In Truth"

-John 4:24

Mission: Veneé Ministries is committed to reaching all people who may never hear the preached word, but can relate to the gospel through music. Through the obedience of the Holy Spirit Nichol Veneé's music and personal testimonies will move people to a brokenness to open their hearts to receive the living word of God.

Vision: It is Nichol Veneé's dream to spread the gospel to all nations through music and personal testimony; to reach all who are lost and hurting; to offer hope, love and life through the salvation of Jesus Christ and the life changing power of the Holy Spirit.

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